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Blisters Down Where? Here’s How to Find Some Relief

Blisters Down Where? Here’s How to Find Some Relief

Chaffing. It’s a real world #equestrianproblem that we don’t talk about very often.

But if you ride, you know butt blisters are a thing.

Chaffing comes in different forms, but the friction of breeches (and let’s be real, underwear) fabric on a leather saddle sometimes isn’t very kind to sensitive skin. And the results can be pretty painful.

Here are some tips to keep your fanny happy while in the saddle.

Consider your underwear. Jessica Payne, Justine Griffin and Alex Welles had the “Great Underwear Debate” on a previous episode of the Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast. There they discussed which underwear they felt the most comfortable riding in and why. Thongs for example, offer the least opportunity to “bunch” under your breeches and cause rubs. But thongs aren’t a perfect option for everybody. “Cheeky” boy-cut underwear, like lace “Hanky Pankys” are a favorite among riders, which still offer a smooth fit. Or you can always opt for the all-covering, supportive hold of SPANX or men’s boxer-briefs.

Listen To The Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast Episode 15: The Great Underwear Debate

I’m Rubbed Raw. Now What? After an hour-long, grueling lesson in the summer heat without stirrups, you’ve rubbed yourself to the point that it stings. Oof. The best way to find fast relief is to let it air out. Now, we’re not saying you should go total commando (though really you could), but give yourself a break by wearing loose-fitting bottoms for a few days. Keep the area clean with warm water and mild soap. Diaper rash cream (preferably the kind with high levels of zinc oxide) will soothe and calm the irritated skin, and help it heal. Baby powder, too, will keep it dry and aid in recovery.

So How Do I Stop This From Happening Again? So, you may want to take a hard look at your underwear collection and avoid cuts and types that are prone to bunching. Also take a good look at your breeches – proper fit is really important when it comes to comfort. But luckily, there are a couple of products out there that are designed to fight against this type of thing.

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Body Glide is an anti-chaffing, moisturizing balm developed for athletes from hardcore cyclists to marathon runners. It’s been given two thumbs up by endurance riders, so you know it works. Did you know breast chaffing is also a thing? Well, this vitamin-rich balm helps with that, too. It’s a great preventative lotion to slather on before your rides. A 15-ounce bottle of Body Glide will cost you $9.99.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder is another anti-friction product. The dry powder uses cornstarch (talc free) and calamine to stop chaffing in its tracks and provide support to parts of the body that may need a little extra protection against sweat and moisture. You can buy a bottle on Amazon for just $5.99.

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