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How To Get The Horse Hair Out Of Your Saddle Pads

Ever take home your stinky, sweat-dried, hairy, used saddle pads to wash, only to be disappointed when they look nearly the same coming out of the washer machine? Not to mention the…

Horse love - horse show
True Facts About Equestrians

By Lydia Mindling Equestrians are a funny group of people with one thing in common: we love horses. So let’s laugh at our oddities. When a baby screams/cries – we freak out.…

Show Jumping Warm Up - Horse Wellington Florida
How To Ride Confidently On A Horse With Scope

Watch any video of Show Jumper Brittni Raflowitz cruising around on her gelding, Hilton Van De Breepoel, and you know that horse has got some serious scope. But effectively riding a horse…

Show jumping - horse - braids - equestrian
Be Brave Enough To Ride Out Of Your Comfort Zone

By Lauren O’Malley It’s natural to feel nervous about moving up to a new jump height or tackling courses at a faster pace. Generally speaking, equestrians are pretty brave to begin with.…

Grey horse hunter rider - equestrian
Impulse Control: When It Comes To Horses, I Have None

Before you cast judgment my way, just hear me out. I’ve been low-key in the market for a new saddle. OK, maybe that’s not totally true. There’s nothing wrong with the saddle…

lunging - horse warm up - Devon Horse Show
5 Riding Gimmicks That Actually Work

The best horse trainers often say “less is more” when it comes to equipment. The foundation of all riding comes from using what you already have – your hands, your leg and…


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