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What Your Breech Rise Preference Says About You

What Your Breech Rise Preference Says About You

Justine Griffin

One of the beauties of equestrian sport is that it attracts all different kinds of people, from different walks in life, uniting us behind one common passion: the love of the animal.

Horseback riders come in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer bling, some like to dress conservatively. We like fat horses, short horses, and fast horses. You get where I’m going with this.

And for the most part, we all wear breeches.

I can’t speak for everybody, but I have a love-hate relationship with breeches. Some brands are more comfortable than others. Some make me more sweaty. But nearly all fit me in the most unflattering ways.

I feel like there’s a certain fit of breeches for every chapter of your life. If you scoffed or rolled your eyes at this comment, okay – yes, I understand how ridiculous it is. But hang with me if you’re in the mood for a good laugh.

Low-Rise Breeches

They’re the worst. There, I said it.

I grew up in the 90s and the early 2000s, so I remember the low-rise fanfare well. Admittedly, I was skinnier then, and my standards for a decent look were also much lower.

Low-rise waists feel impractical, in that bending over (let alone climbing into a saddle) is always an experiment. Then there’s just the action of trying to get into them. No matter how much you jump or squat around, low-rise pants are always threatening to fall down… even with a belt! But there are certain body types where low-rise breeches are quite flattering.

The types of riders who prefer a low-rise waist tend to be bold and brave. They’re too focused on the ride at hand to care if the back of their shirt is starting to unravel out from underneath their belt or if the band of their underwear makes a rogue appearance.

Mid-Rise Breeches

Riders who prefer mid-rise breeches actually own and probably ride all cuts and styles, from to low to high. Naturally they don’t really have a preference.

Some days, high-waist breeches might feel like a snug, warm embrace. Other days, they make you look like you’re wearing mom jeans, but in a bad way. The same sentiment goes for low-rise: showing “midriff” at the barn in the year 2020 seems way worse than trying to own that mom-jean tummy roll.

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Alas, they settle for mid-rise. The safe and practical choice.

High-Waist Breeches

This cut is a blast from the past and I am HERE. FOR. IT.

Any somewhat curvy woman can find comfort in a waist that aims for the belly button. I find this old-school waist size to be the most flattering, personally. Even if my trainer says they make my butt “look flat.”

Riders who opt for high-waist breeches have spent years flatting and jumping around in all other options. They’re usually old enough now to appreciate a pair of riding pants they can strap on and not have to think about again until it’s time to take them off. High-waist riders prefer a tucked-in look, but know they can untuck that tank or sun shirt to cover the slobber stain above their crotch if they need to make a pit stop at the grocery store on the way home from the barn.

My only complaint: the threat of camel toe. Any good amount of sitting trot or no stirrup work will really try to get ya.

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