Swipe Right: Dating in the Tech Age

Technology is great. With the ability to order almost anything from anywhere the world and have it land on your doorstep in a couple of days, it’s hard to deny that tech makes some parts of life easier. But in some ways, tech also makes life pretty complicated.

Incoming parents can select the attributes they want in a child before even getting pregnant these days, thanks to tech. Weird stuff, huh? Then there are apps like Tinder, which offer the chance of meeting someone new right at your fingertips.

Forget the babies. Tech has changed the dating game. Now, not only do you have to be good at small talk when you finally meet in person, but you have to be fluent in text speak — emojis, witty profile descriptions, good one-line openers… It can be frustrating.

Finding a date who is cool and interested in the fact that you ride horses is hard enough. So what could dating in the future look like for equestrians? Let me daydream the possibilities for you like it’s 2040.

Tinder for Equestrians. There already are dating apps and websites for all kinds of people and their hobbies, from farmers to religious folks to sports fanatics. So what about a reliable option for equestrians seeking other equestrians? Would you swipe right?

Dating Based On Amazon Orders. We already know you can buy pretty much anything from Amazon. From bath sponges to toilet paper to mac & cheese to some tack for your horse. What if Amazon could let you peruse a person’s recent purchases before going on a date with them? What someone has shipped in one hour can be really telling about them. Be it bug spray and a tent, or underwear and cereal.

First Date Via Virtual Reality. This is something that’s already happening. People are already proposing this way, believe it or not. But imagine if you met your guy or gal for the first time on … a screen? With goggles? I guess that’s one way to weed the creeps outs right away.

Imagine the Long Distance Opportunities. Skype and FaceTime are cool and all, but imagine how much easier it will be to communicate over long distances in the coming years. With gadgets like the Apple Watch, which measures our health, we’ll soon be able to tell how are partners are feeling without them typing it out in text. A company called New Deal Design, which is responsible for Fitbit trackers, is already working on creating a type of “tattoo” that could be embedded under the skin to visualize health and emotion.

Dating can be hard enough for equestrians, as we come with our own set of (dirty and horse-scented) baggage and challenges. But dating in the future for equestrians could be even crazier than we are.

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