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My Trainer, aka My Life Coach

My Trainer, aka My Life Coach

Trainers are wonderful human beings. They make it possible for you to ride while learning everything you’ve done wrong, and where you might do better next time. They can give you encouragement and the strength to carry on when you feel like quitting. And sometimes they give you the butt kicking that you so desperately need. So helpful.
It’s a darn shame that we can’t carry our trainers with us into other areas of life to coach us through. I’m imagining the scenarios now.
Picture the grocery store. You’re ambling through the aisles at a snail’s pace and – unbeknownst to you – you’re actually blocking everyone behind you. Suddenly you hear a “cluck cluck cluck” behind you, followed by a sharp sting on your rear end. “Come on, come on! That’s not a good pace.”

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Ot take this scenario: You’re dating two guys at the same time. You can’t decide between them, as they’re both pretty great. Then the trainer chimes in. “You know, sometimes it doesn’t actually matter which you pick. You just need to make a choice and COMMIT TO IT. DECIDE, NOW. Are you gonna go tall or short?”
While walking down the sidewalk, you’re looking down at your phone and trip, thereby faceplanting. “You go where you look. Eyes up!”
Driving down the interstate, you aren’t maintaining your speed, and your car is struggling to accelerate and decelerate. That familiar voice pops up again. “Why are you taking your foot off? Be consistent! For god’s sake, you’re confusing the car.”
At a professional networking event, you’re fidgeting nervously with your hands. As you don’t have pockets in these particular trousers, you’re not sure what to do with them. “What in the world are you doing with your hands? You look like a monkey. Stop it.”
You’ve worked hard to decorate your house, but it feels like something’s missing. As you step back to scrutinize, your trainer has the answer for you. “Do you realize that you forgot your corners? Come on. They’re important. Go put something there.”

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On a first date with a guy, your trainer pops up with some good advice. “Chest out!”
You have an interview for your dream job, when suddenly a giant case of impostor syndrome slaps you in the face. You’re nervous and feel like canceling. “You do work like this all the time. You’re prepared, and no question out there is going to stump you. You can do this! Now go out and get it done.”
As you get ready for work, you put on an outfit, admire yourself in the mirror and think you’ve done a good job. You’re gonna be great today. “Oh NO, NO, NO, NO. I don’t like that at ALL. Go try that again.”

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