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If It’s Good Enough for My Horse…

If It’s Good Enough for My Horse…

We spend a lot of time taking care of our horses. And even more money.  And even MORE worrying time. I don’t know about you, but if my horse even thinks about having a fraction of a possibility of being slightly uncomfortable, guns come out blazing: liniment, hoof packing, rubs, creams, massages, chiro work, bute, vet wrap, therapeutic blankets and boots… everything.

And many other horse people are with me. So we all collect massive amounts of products and medications and just wait for our horses to get hurt. Because horses, they will. Oh they will. (Actually, you might want to call your barn right now to check on your buddy.)

Meanwhile, you haven’t seen the doctor in approximately 8 million years, and you can barely afford Advil. The last time you fell off and hurt yourself, you were like that knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. ‘TIS JUST A FLESH WOUND, OK? It will buff out.

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So, it’s no surprise that many of us turn to our horse’s supplies when we are ailing. We can’t afford our own separate pile of therapies, and if it’s good enough for my horse, it’s good enough for me. He’s a LOT more expensive. And sensitive. Dear God, a lot more sensitive.

On the not-so-crazy end of the spectrum, I’ve used my horse’s Epsom salts to help heal a foot wound of my own – which exactly coincided with my horse getting over an abscess and needing them himself. How convenient! I didn’t need to buy another bag. I even soaked my foot in a horse bucket, because why not.

I’ve used liniment and vet wrap on my ankle when I totally twisted it while cross-country schooling. I also came back and “showered” in the wash rack, using horse grooming supplies, so my use of horse products extends over to those too. Hey, my horse’s tail was white, I’m blonde… purple shampoo totally works. I topped it off with Santa Fe spray as a detangler, and I was good to go. It’s possible his tail brush I also used on my hair had essence of poop on it, but I figure I’m probably about 22% horse poop in my DNA at this point.

On the medication side, when my first horse was on Quiessence for his muscles, my husband realized that it was the same mix of calcium and magnesium he was taking for his own muscle recovery. We MIGHT have tried calculating the human dosage equivalent so they could potentially share (but, alas, never followed through).

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Others have taken the horse therapies to another level. I know someone who had her vet quickly stitch up a little wound of her own while she was there on a farm call. Another had her horse chiropractor work on her back. Hey, I’ve seen the way horses lick and drool when they get worked on. These guys know what they’re doing. And who among us hasn’t stood on the Theraplate at a vendor booth at NotRolex or another show to relieve an aching back? It totally helps.

Others have used their horse’s compression socks and Back on Track products on themselves too. Hey, they make people products too, so it’s totally legit. I’m thinking about getting my horse ice boots for after cross-country so I can use them on my own achy legs too. Somehow, it makes me feel better to buy things for my horse instead of myself.

With as crafty as horse people are, I am not sure we’d stop letting our horses’ supplies do double duty even if we weren’t poor. In fact, I’ve been eyeing a therapeutic neck wrap for my horse’s arthritic neck. I wonder if my legs are a horse size 78”…

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