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How To Train A Flying Lead Change In 6 Simple Exercises

How To Train A Flying Lead Change In 6 Simple Exercises

It doesn’t matter which discipline you ride in, training a horse to perform a flying lead change is essential as you move up the levels of the sport.

It can be a tricky game to teach a young horse how to change its lead at the canter. Clear aids and communication is key, and the learning process should never be rushed. Before attempting to ask your horse for a proper change, consult with your trainer to make sure your horse is ready to accept this challenging work.

Once you’re ready, use these tips and exercises as compiled by Heels Down Mag, to get started. Good luck!

First Off, Can You Ask For A Clean And Correct Canter Depart?

Professional eventer Dom Schramm describes that the first thing riders need to focus on is how they ask for the canter depart.

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