How Fast Do Horses Go? Presented by Wahl

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How fast do horses really go?

Of course, this depends largely on the breed and training of the horse – a Thoroughbred racehorse has a much higher capacity for speed than a draft horse, since they were bred and developed for completely different purposes.

According to this (very cool) video from Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, the speeds of each gait go as follows:

Walk: about 4 miles per hour
Trot: 7 – 9 mph
Canter: 10-17 mph
Gallop: Can be upwards of 35 mph! The Thoroughbred racehorse in this video is galloping more than 38 mph.

The following video also provides an interesting look at how horses can be acclimated to a high speed treadmill. Check it out:


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