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Do Horses Only Need Electrolytes In The Summer? Presented by TRM

Do Horses Only Need Electrolytes In The Summer? Presented by TRM

During the summer when the weather is warm it’s important to remember that horses cool their bodies primarily by sweating in large amounts. Sweating results in the loss of not only water, but also essential electrolytes. Low electrolyte levels in horses can result in poor performance due to dehydration, muscular problems such as “tying-up” syndrome, and a build up of lactic acid in the muscles. 

Electrolyte losses are significantly increased during hot weather and exercise. This places greater importance on the practice of regular and routine electrolyte supplementation.

So what are electrolytes? They are minerals that help the body regulate water levels. The most important electrolytes are sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Sodium and chloride are important for maintaining blood volume. These electrolytes are lost in the greatest amount in sweat. Water follows sodium. Therefore if sodium leaves the body in sweat, so does water. Salt consumption will encourage drinking.

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Potassium. Healthy horses require potassium for muscle contraction and relaxation.

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Calcium is essential for normal muscle function.

Magnesium is a vital component of body fluids.

The first choice electrolyte of many top international riders is Electrolyte Gold by TRMIt contains a combination of potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, with vitamin E and C. It neutralizes body fluids like lactic acid, and provides antioxidants to the body. It also contains the Amino Acid Glycine which aids to speed up absorption of the electrolyte.

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