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Max Corcoran Answers: Are Electrolytes Worth Feeding?

Max Corcoran Answers: Are Electrolytes Worth Feeding?

Max Corcoran has groomed internationally at the highest levels of equestrian sport for nearly two decades. She worked for the O’Connor Event Team for 11 years and has served at multiple Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American Games and countless CCIs across the U.S. and Europe. She now lives in Ocala, Fla., with her partner Scott Keach, who competes Grand Prix show jumpers.
We asked – Are electrolytes worth feeding every day? When’s the right time, and the wrong time, to put electrolytes in your horse’s feed?
“A lot of people feed electrolytes every day. When horses are in colder climates they don’t need as much water. When you move into the warmer climates, then it’s a good thing to give electrolytes to help. It doesn’t necessarily help them drink but it helps them replace what they’ve sweated out.
A lot of time, it’s a balance. Most of the horses here (in Kentucky) are getting electrolytes because it’s hot here and they’re sweating a lot. It’s not necessarily something your horse needs every day though. When they’re sweating out the potassium and salts that’s when you need them.
That said, sugar electrolytes are not good. The tube electrolytes are best to give 24 hours before you travel. You don’t want them thirsty when they’re on the trailer, you want it before.”

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