Runway Ready: Prepping for a Jog, Presented by Wahl

Preparing for a jog at a show can be an elaborate process. Whether you’re trotting up at a three-day event, going in for a conformation class at a hunter show, or doing a horse inspection at a dressage or show jumping show, it’s important to get your horse (and yourself!) runway ready.

We enlisted the help of Tayler Ravenscroft, who has groomed for four-star event rider Bunnie Sexton for many years and who has also received multiple awards for her grooming skills, to brush up (pun intended) on our jog prep skills.

Stay Organized

Whether or not you have a groom, it’s important to stay organized when preparing for a jog. Keeping a backpack handy with essentials such as coat shine, a rag, vaseline, spare bridle parts, etc. will prevent a last minute scramble for a touch-up.

“When I go down I always have a brush, tail brush, shine spray, hoof polish, one or two rags, and baby oil so I can make his face shiny again,” Tayler described.

Horsemanship is Key

When traveling with Bunnie’s upper-level horse, Rise Against, Tayler sticks to a specific routine at a show and on the day of jogs. “(Rise Against) will go for a ride or on the lunge line in the morning, and then he will get bathed and braided,” Tayler said. “After that, it’s all about keeping him from rolling!”

It’s important to know how your horse reacts to different environments when thinking of timing for your jog. For “Ecko”, as Rise Against is called at home, Tayler knows that it works best to walk him down to the jog area a bit early so he can have a look around and settle in. Horses need to be presented well during a jog, so keeping any excess energy to a minimum is important.

Barn Hacks by Tayler

When asked if she has any products she swears by, Tayler mentions World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner, which is great for an extra shine for any occasion. “I also use Static Guard a lot,” she said. “It works similar to a damp towel to get dust off, but it doesn’t leave a wet streak so it’s great for a last minute touch-up.”

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