Grooming Secrets of the Pros: Encouraging Tail Growth, Presented by Wahl

Krista Moyer is a professional groom working in Ontario, Canada and Wellington, Florida. As Canadian Dressage rider Lee Tubman’s head groom for several years before he became a full-time judge, she managed 1-7 horses at competitions from first level to FEI Grand Prix.

What are your tips for encouraging tail growth?

Most importantly, try to keep the horse’s tail clean. Wash it and use a detangler, and then let it dry on its own. You don’t necessarily have to comb it out after every use because that gives you the possibility of breaking hairs.

I use a product called Show Sheen, just in the bottom of the tail, not always at the top. Show Sheen has silicone in it which tends to build up. Another product I like to use is Vetrolin Detangler. It’s a concentrated gel, so you only need to put a little dollop in your hand, apply it and that will spread through the whole tail. Once applied, let it dry. It’s important to let all these products dry completely before combing them out. When you comb a tail, always start at the bottom and work your way up. That will break the minimum amount of hairs and it will keep your tail thick and lustrous.

Also a lot of people don’t clean all the way to the tailbone but it’s important, because that’s where all the hair grows. When you are shampooing the horse’s tail, part the hair all the way to the tailbone and scrub the tailbone to keep it clean – that will help a lot.

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