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When Non Riders….

When Non Riders….

There are moments of sheer frustration, overwhelming joy, and inconsolable laughter when working with horses. For me, my funniest memories involve non-horsey friends and family. They ask perplexing questions and make the best facial expressions in response to what I consider “normal”. I’ve listed some of my favorite non-rider antics and bloopers in the barn.

When non riders….

Bridle a horse – and it’s like watching someone try to fold a bra for the first time.

“Can you grab the bridle, please?” – and they hand you the halter.

Pick a horse’s hoof – they scrape like there’s a buried land mine in there.

Look suspiciously at the horse, because they don’t believe your reassurances that they horse will not bite them.

Brush the mane like it’s delicate lace because they really don’t believe you when you say it doesn’t hurt

Put on the saddle pad and it’s usually backwards.

“Can you grab the halter, please?” – and they return with the bridle.

Halter a horse- and they put it on backwards.

Muck a stall – and you have to show them all the hidden pee spots.

Watch you muck a stall – and they point out the poops you didn’t pick up.

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Leave the halter on the ground, in the aisle, right next to your horse’s hooves.

Drop the treat 10 times because they are afraid of being bitten.

Mount and make it look like it’s the hardest thing they’ve experienced in 5 years.

Try and dismount and they take 20 minutes to slide off a 14 hand pony.

Talk to the horse and tell them how good they were – and your heart melts a little.

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