What I See vs. What My Horse Sees

The theme for Heels Down Magazine this month is “Mind Over Matter,” which is something pretty much all equestrians must learn to manage. Part of it is understanding how your horse perceives and reacts to his world. Example: Have you ever been out on a trail ride when your horse simply refuses to go by a suspicious-looking blade of grass? Or even in the arena when your horse is convinced that the corner by B is haunted?

This is due to the fact that horses are prey animals, and therefore have a different way of viewing the world that humans are simply not able to understand. But here at Heels Down, we have developed a special horse-vision-ometer that allows us to see what our horses see for the first time ever. Prepare to be amazed.


Also, pro tip! Bending your horse away from whatever demons he sees and keeping him moving is generally the best way to get past a horse-eating tree or leaf or whatever he perceives as a threat. Some more curious horses may do well with being led up to it to explore, but if your horse is truly afraid this approach could lead to the famous rear-spin-bolt move!

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