Killer Instinct: How Competitive Are You?

For some, horses are a relief from the stresses of work and school. Others would pull a leadline kid off their pony by the pigtails to feed their show ribbon addiction. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Take this quiz to find out.

How far ahead do you plan for shows?

a) New Year’s just wouldn’t be the same without my trainer and me poring over the calendar, filling in show dates, entry closing dates, and a day-by-day conditioning and training plan as the ball drops on TV.
b) My trainer handles that. I just show up when I’m told.
c) When this season’s Dover catalog arrives.

You’re organizing a potluck party at your barn to kick off competition season. What’s your theme?

a) Critique My Ride! You and your trainer collaborate to take video of all the lessons that week, then at the party everyone can review, learn, and come away with homework to practice.
b) Then and Now: Each person brings a photo of their horse as a foal, or in a previous career, and everyone guesses who is who!
c) Potluck IS a theme!

What is the most important thing you pack in the trailer before a show?

a) Extras of everything – hairnets, reins, enough hay and water to survive the apocalypse.
b) My horse. Let’s just say mistakes have been made on that front in the past.
c) My lucky monogrammed everything. It’s a lifestyle.

We’re on the road to the show! How do you get yourself amped up?

a) Riding the course in my mind.
b) Breathing into a paper bag and trying not to throw up.
c) Perusing #ROOTD photos on Instagram.

Your schooling strategy could be described as:

a) Military precision.
b) On Wednesdays, we go hacking!
c) Strategy?

Before you enter the ring…

a) You are unnervingly calm. You’re a shark. You will eat this class alive.
b) You whisper to your trainer, “Remember the signal! Peace sign for add a stride, pinky up for leave it out… ”
c) You give your boots a final once-over with a nylon stocking. Looking good.

Your goal for the day is is…
a) Blue or bust!
b) Let’s hope I don’t break any (more) limbs.
c) I hope my Tailoreds don’t show any VPL in the photos…awkward…

Quick! What’s your favorite George Morris quote?

a) “Don’t copy the people you ride against! You have to do better.”
b) “If riding were only blue ribbons and bright lights, I would have quit a long time ago.”
c) “I refuse to even look in your direction until something is done about that ponytail.”

Mostly As

“Showzilla”: Not winning is for losers. You will let nothing short of the wrath of George Morris stand between you and that 50-cent ribbon.

Mostly Bs
To Finish is to Win: You win some, you lose some – and it’s all OK as long as you’re learning and having fun.

Mostly Cs
Horse Show Socialite: Competition? Who cares! As long as I get a blue ribbon for style.

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Killer Instinct: How Competitive Are You?

For some, horses are a relief from the stresses of work and...
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