Join the Exclusive Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast Lounge on Facebook

Can’t get enough of our Heels Down Happy Hour podcast on the Horse Radio Network? Well, we have some good new for you.

Heels Down Magazine launched the Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast Lounge Facebook group, where fans of the podcast and the magazine can interact and share stories on a personal level. Here, readers and listeners can ask podcast hosts questions, delve deeper into the topics and discussions mentioned on the show, and engage with the stories we publish at Heels Down Mag.

The Facebook group is a closed group, so users must ask to join. Click here to check out the group for yourself.

Tune in for new episodes on the Horse Radio Network. Download new episodes on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

Heels Down Happy Hour is presented by Ecogold, leader in saddle pad innovation. Known for their non-slip, shock-absorbing saddle pads, half pads and protective horse boots. Trusted by Olympians. Visit

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