“I Always Have an Exit Strategy”: Handling Unpredictable Situations with LandSafe Equestrian

“Learning how to exit a rearing horse stage left or stage right. That is something I’m not very confident with and get easily intimidated and that made me feel so much more capable of being able to handle one of those situations and I’m very grateful for that.” 

For FEI dressage trainer Nicki Carson and her husband, upper level event rider David Taylor, learning the techniques to fall safely at a LandSafe Equestrian clinic has made a difference in their daily rides. Despite the fact they compete in different disciplines, the gymnastics and tools learned have reprogrammed their reactions in the event of a fall. No matter what discipline you choose, horses are unpredictable and it is beneficial for every rider to know how to best protect themselves.

In our latest video, we delve into the meaning of an exit strategy, equally useful whether you’re in a dressage arena or schooling over jumps.

You, too, can find your exit strategy should trouble arise during a ride. Click the banner below to find a LandSafe Equestrian clinic near you.

"I Always Have an Exit Strategy": Handling Unpredictable Situations with LandSafe Equestrian

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