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Improve Your Sitting Trot In 4 Simple Exercises

Improve Your Sitting Trot In 4 Simple Exercises

We all want the horse with the big, flowing, lofty trot. But what we forget about said horse is that beautiful trot is usually a nightmare to sit.

Sitting the trot is a riding aspect that touches all equestrian disciplines. But it’s often one of the most uncomfortable to ride. Here are some tips to improve your ability to sit the trot effectively and comfortably.

Learn To Move With The Horse

Dressage rider Amelia Newcomb describes how the hips and seat bones play a role in bouncing with the motion of your horse, versus bouncing against it.

Don’t Pinch With The Knees

Some of the most common issues with sitting the trot is when the rider is “bouncing around like a sack of potatoes,” explains pro eventer, Dom Schramm. He recommends riders keep the weight down in their heels and their legs long and wrapped around the horse.

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Use Transitions To Stabilize

This simple exercise from Callie King with CRK Training helps riders stabilize their back to help “absorb” the movement. The transition from walk to trot is a great way to “reset”, focus on position, and where the rider might be bracing.

Keep The Chest Open

Riders tend to lean forward in the sitting trot, which is a collapsing position that blocks the horse, describes Australian dressage coach, Tanja Mitton. The first step is to check where the breath is.

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