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Amateurs Against Distracted Riding – Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast 19

Amateurs Against Distracted Riding – Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast 19

Justine Griffin

Does it really need to be said that horses and nightclubs do not mix? This week, a new host compares eventing to her boyfriend’s sport of choice: motocross. Is it safe to ride while wearing headphones? And we offer some creative tips on how to hold the attention span of a spazzy green horse. Thanks for tuning in.

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Alex is winding down from WEF and getting ready to hit the road for the summer show jumping season with her pro jumper husband, Andrew. So we have a very special guest on the show today who is a total badass and we’re super stoked she’s here.

Special Guest:

Sally Spickard is a 32-year-old marketer and journalist from Missouri who now resides in San Diego, California. She is an unashamed Harry Potter nerd and Kansas City Chiefs fan, and she can rarely be found without her long-haired Chihuahua, Cooper (and for this reason, you’ll never find her on a United flight!). While she’s currently horseless, Sally is an event rider who hopes to one day ride like Michael Jung. Alternatively, she’d just settle for learning how to sit the trot without looking like a sack of potatoes!

More on what we talked about in this episode:

Try this delicious, bubbly “Mission 211” beverage, which is a perfect signature cocktail for a wedding. | @HelloBetty
Frangible pins were the cause of some confusion at the Red Hills Horse Trials recently. | @COTH
We had a good laugh at this article, written by mainstream media, about “the WEF“. | @BI
A South Beach Miami nightclub was shut down after an incident involving a horse. What is wrong with people? | @TBT
So you’ve heard of Birch Box or Bark Box. But what about Giddy Up Goodies Boxes? We gave ’em a whirl.   | @Giddy-Up-Goodies

Riding with headphones or just your phone: is it distracting? Or does it help you focus? | @Horse&Hound
Did you know: That you can’t take a lesson or clinic with a judge 30 days prior to a show in some cases? We discuss.  | @USEF_Rulebook
Motocross is dirty, requires long days at the track, and lots of time developing a bike. It’s not unlike eventing…  | @DirtRiderMag

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More about our hosts:

Jessica Payne is a 32-year-old international event rider who is rarely seen without her long-haired chihuahua under her arm. She was born in London, Ontario, but grew up in Franklin, Tenn. and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Animal Science. She once lost the tip of her pinky finger clipping her 4* horse, and husband Doug says she can “talk to anyone including a wall….and they will like it!”
Justine Griffin is an award winning 30-year-old journalist who has written about everything from horses to high profile CEOs to her ovaries. (She donated her eggs once.) Two things she loves the most? Whippet puppies and cheese. Justine is a firm believer in unicorns and feminism. So take everything she says with a grain of salt.
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