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Grooming Secrets of the Pros: Healthy Feet, Presented by Wahl

Grooming Secrets of the Pros: Healthy Feet, Presented by Wahl

Krista Moyer is a professional groom working in Ontario, Canada and Wellington, Florida. As Canadian Dressage rider Lee Tubman’s head groom for several years before he became a full-time judge, she managed 1-7 horses at competitions from first level to FEI Grand Prix.

What do you use on horses’ feet on a weekly basis to keep them strong?
I use a product called Thrush Buster. About once a week, I’ll put that in as a preventative measure for thrush. When you travel a lot to horse shows, there are different footings and you use different shavings, so I would use that as a preventative treatment.
Oil on feet on a daily basis. I really like Effol Oil. It comes in a small can, it’s clear and it does not build up on their feet like some products do – then they get crud and blacksmiths don’t like that.
A key thing that I always do is pick the horses’ feet; that’s really important. Anytime a horse comes out of his stall, when they come in from the arena, from riding, from turnout… their feet get picked to double check there are no stones and their shoes are still intact.

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