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Get Your Horse Trailer Organized

Get Your Horse Trailer Organized

Operating at horse shows, clinics, or trailer-in lessons is always much easier when there’s no guesswork involved. Knowing where everything is means you’ve got to make an effort to be organized, but it can be the deciding factor between feeling stressed vs. calm and collected when you’re away from home.
Here are a few tried-and-true tips for organizing your horse trailer’s tack room.
Line one wall with 2-3 velcro strips to hold boots and bell boots. The strips stick directly to the trailer wall, and then the Velcro side is an easy and secure way to travel with several pairs of sports boots and bell boots.
Maximize floor space. This means that you’ll want as many items to be hung from hooks and racks as possible, so you have the maximum amount of floor space to work with when you’re bustling around tacking up.
Shelving can be a great way to organize polo wraps, saddle pads, fly bonnets, braiding kits, or whatever else you need to keep in your trailer. Sliding plastic shelves can be purchased at a dollar store or Wal-Mart on the cheap. The best part is once it’s in there, it can live in the trailer and you won’t have to tote it from your trailer to the barn or vice versa! You won’t want to leave medicine or drugs in your trailer, however, as extreme temperatures can decrease their efficacy.
A shoe organizer can hang on your trailer door with brushes, spray bottles, hoof polish, Land the millions of other grooming supplies needed for showing.
A pop-up laundry hamper is the easiest way to collect everything that will need to be washed at the end of the show. There’s nothing worse than having to sort through a bunch of sweaty saddle pads and show shirts when you get home from a show and are exhausted, and the pop-up hampers can be tucked behind your shelving for storage.
A shower curtain rod can be installed in your trailer for hanging blankets, coolers, and – hopefully – ribbons.
One final tip: You’ll never have too many bridle hooks.
Happy showing!

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