Equestrian Hacks: Household Products Re-purposed, Presented by Wahl

Ivory soap is great for washing dishes… and for brightening white socks. Look at that, two for one! There are so many products in your home that can double as grooming tools or spa-day products. Why not bring that Listerine to the barn for a grit and dirt mane cleanse, or to help scrub water buckets and get them minty fresh? Here are tried and true products that can work in both the home and the barn.

Irish Spring Bar Soap for rubbing on wood to prevent chewing. Something about that smell and taste about this particular soap saves your stall doors, walls, or accessible boards from a slow decline. If you need a backup plan? Try some hot sauce to kick your horses chewing habit!

While Listerine has a magical variety of uses, so does Wintergreen Alcohol. This alcohol can be added as a bath brace after a tough ride, sprayed under wraps like a liniment, and sprayed on the coat to speed drying along. Have some brushing boots that could be freshened up? Use this product to kill bacteria in boots, on pads, and brushes.

Need to take care of a pesky rubbed tail? You can treat whatever might be itching the tail with Witch Hazel. Instead of using coconut oil which other horses might like the taste of, try coating the rubbed area with Fish oil or Cod Liver Oil. The oils will provide the nutrients the tail needs to grow back . Alternatively, these oils are great for the horse internally to boost shine!

Speaking of shine, bring a Cactus rag from your kitchen or snag some auto microfiber rags from your garage to help slick dust off your horses’ coats! These rags trap dust instead of slinging it around. While we’re in the garage, grab one of your auto sponges and try them during a spa-session for your horse! These sponges live long and your horse’s coat will prosper!

Since a spa session has come up, why not treat your horse to Infusium 23, found in the hair care aisle which is a deep leave-in conditioner that will penetrate tangles, add shine, and enrich color?

Have a studly gelding? Grab your Vicks VapoRub from your medicine cabinet and slather some onto their nose to help dull some of the fascinating scents on the wind. Is your gelding a little anxious instead? Try some Lavender Baby Oil massaged into their nose. It’s soothing and it’s moisturizing!

Spring is here, coming in hot and complete with humidity. This means that it’s prime time for fungus and rain rot. Nip growing fungus or rain rot with a Cider Vinegar rinse. It’ll help with the bugs, too! No time to pick up a medicated shampoo? No problem! Dandruff Shampoos will help get rid of the rain rot and encourage the skin to start healing.

Did your horse end up with a small cut and you’re away from your first aid supplies? Missing your antiseptic? Saline Solution will do in a pinch. Just find your contact case in your purse, and you’re equipped to handle it.

Try a few of these out at your convenience. Your horse and pocket book will thank you!

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