10 Ways Equestrians Justify Purchases

You know it. I know it. You don’t really need thirty-two different saddle pads for one horse. But there’s so much temptation, and how are we expected to just refrain from stepping into the tack shop, or online?

Equestrians may not always be the most rational when it comes to purchasing decisions, but at least we know that even if we end up living in a stall, it’s all worth it.

Here are 10 of our favorite justifications for equestrian purchases:

Nunn Finer

10. My trainer said I should try using a neck strap. (…and really, doesn’t my horse deserve a classy Nunn Finer strap or a flashy C4, rather than a boring old stirrup leather?)

Etsy: MoxieDesignsATX

9. I need to monogram all my stuff so no one thinks it’s theirs. (Yes, all my stuff. It’s necessary.)

8. The tack shop was having a sale. Who knows when that will ever happen again?!

7. Everyone else in the hunters has one…and the idea is for everyone to look traditional and uniform, right?

6. Well, neon orange is just his color so I had to get it.

Edward Gal's horse at WEG 2014
Edward Gal’s horse at WEG 2014

5. These $300 breeches are an investment piece.

4. My Pony Princess needs an extra supplement to make her coat shinier…Ramen is a perfectly acceptable diet for me.

3. Well if we buy her for cheap, we can get her over that little rearing problem and have her ready to sell by show season for five times the purchase price…


2. My horse destroyed his last halter/blanket/bell boot/etc.

1. Maybe the judge will be distracted by all my bling and not notice that I was posting to the wrong diagonal the entire time.


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