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You Have Enough. You Do Enough. You Are Enough.

You Have Enough. You Do Enough. You Are Enough.

If you’re like way too many of us, 2016 was hard! Politically, emotionally, nationally, physically… there are so many ways to describe the roughness of 2016. Some people mention that 2017 will be their year, some dread a new year that comes with new resolutions and ideas of how to better ourselves. The new calendar is a great time to start new habits, change old habits, and work to create the life you want to lead.

So, what are your resolutions? What do you want to learn in 2017? How do you want to grow in the next year?

I’ll start.

In 2016, I learned a very valuable lesson: enough is enough. You have enough. You do enough. You are enough. It’s almost as if our society whispers these negative thoughts to us while we live our daily lives. We get an inkling that we’re not enough. We aren’t good enough as we are. If we lose five pounds, we’ll be better. If we could just make a little more money, we’ll be better. Constantly, we’re reminded that we could be doing more and if we were? We’d be better.

2017 is my year of enough. No longer will I try to lose five pounds because at 5’1”, I should wear a size zero, or a two, or anything other than what fits my body best. No, I am good enough as I am. No longer will I assume I will feel better about my life and my future if I attain another goal. If I work a better paying job. If I find success at an executive level of a company. No, I am good enough if I am happy. I am good enough so I don’t need to bend and sway because of those whispers from society.

If I’ve learned anything from 2016, it is that those whispers of society mean absolutely nothing. Those whispers hold no truth, unless you let them. Instead of constantly looking for more, I will believe that enough is enough. I don’t need three pairs of the same jeans (OK maybe I do, I haven’t worked that part of my resolution out yet), I don’t need four saddle pads when I ride twice a week. I will cultivate a mindset where I can encourage myself to be the best I can with what I have.

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My resolutions don’t, and probably shouldn’t fit you too. Instead, I encourage you to take a hack on one of your favorite trails on your favorite horse. Think about who you are and who you want to me. Think about where you are, and where you want to me. How are you going to get there? How are you going to turn into the person you want to be? What benchmarks will you remember along the way?

Think of the new year like a jump you’re unsure of. It might be a few inches higher than you’re used to. It might be wider than you’ve jumped before. It might have bushes beneath it, it might be painted bright. But guess what? If you keep your leg on, and you keep your eyes up ahead and you don’t look down… you’re going to make it over that jump. You’ll fly over it with inches to spare.

See? You’ll get there. And you have a whole year ahead of you to try and get over that fence.

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