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Why Horses Require A Good Dose Of Vitamin B

Why Horses Require A Good Dose Of Vitamin B

Just like any other athlete, competition horses require high-quality nutrition to get the fuel and vitamins they need to perform.

While most horses in top training environments rely on a high grain/low forage diet, this goes against the natural digestive needs of the animal. Horses are fundamentally suited to eating high-fiber diets with continual grazing through the caecum and colon.

Without the ample supply of forage like hay and grass, horses can become more prone to digestive problems.

It’s easier said than done, to provide nutrient-dense forage to horses all the times. Hay quality varies greatly depending on where you live, as does the price.

One way to help ensure the horse is getting all the nutrients he needs is to supplement with vitamin B.

Horses rarely will show outward signs of a vitamin B deficiency. And B vitamins are actually water-soluble, which means they are not stored in the body and any excess is excreted out in urine. B vitamins are naturally produced in horses’ intestines, but grain-derived feeds raise the hind gut’s pH, leading to less vitamin B being produced making a vitamin B supplement essential.

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Horses which do not have access to consistent, high-quality forage, are in intense training programs with frequent travel, or even horses coming off antibiotics – which affect the bacteria levels of the hind gut – would benefit from a vitamin B type supplement like IronxCell from TRM.

IronxCell is an iron-enriched B vitamin syrup for performance horses. It supplies B vitamins and iron needed for red blood cell formation and other important metabolic functions relating to exercise.

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