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What's Your Favorite Candy?

What's Your Favorite Candy?

There’s almost always sweetness in anything, if only you savor it long enough. Red wine tastes bold before it rolls over your tongue and becomes sweet. If only you take an extra second to savor the flavor. Like the candy, Sour Patch Kids, sometimes things are sour before they give way to an undercurrent of sweetness.

Have you tried a Warhead? These candies come in small packages, but they are powerful little bombs. They explode on your taste buds and offer you the strangest kind torture, yet we leave them in our mouths until the atomic sour film begins to wear off or until we spit them out. I used to love watching videos of people who tried the “Warhead Challenge”. They’d stick one, two, or three sour candies in their mouth and then they’d suffer the consequences on camera.

Even though the videos are funny, they only prove that the candy is terribly sour and we, as people who eat them, are very silly. But if you can get past the torturous moments when your face nearly freezes while contorting to somehow ease the taste of the sour candy, you’ll taste something very different. Something sweet; it’s perfectly sweet. Not too much blatant sugar, but enough sweetness that the nuclear battle that just occurred in your mouth is neutralized.

When faced with a moment, a person, a feeling or even an idea that might feel sour, it would be nice to remember that even the tartest berries have natural sugar in them. Understandably so, this proves pretty difficult. It’s hard to accept that something might be sweet if you’re overcome with bitterness. Even if you can’t accept that the sweetness is yet to come, if you hold on for just another moment before spitting the candy out it will come.

That isn’t to say if you wait ten seconds, a situation will change or a person might not rub you the wrong way. It’s entirely possible they will always rub you the wrong way, but if you wait for a moment or two. Just a moment or two, you’ll find something somewhere within that person you can change the taste in your mouth. If a situation has left you with a bad taste in your mouth, there’s at least a gram of sugar in it somewhere that you’ll taste if only you allow yourself the patience to get there. To get rid of the bitterness, to get rid of the distaste.

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Give yourself the patience to get where you’re going. Allow yourself the space to have your emotions, but encourage yourself to get some practice in waiting to taste the sweetness. The more practice you’ll have, the less likely it is you’ll even notice the sour before it gives way to the sugar.

At least Sour Patch Kids do nice things for the people they terrorize, right? I’m talking to you, Orange Sour Patch Kid, who chops the girl’s pony tail off while she sleeps in the candy commercial. There are exceptions, but it would do to remember that there’s a teaspoon of sugar in everyone and everything. It will make everything sweeter.

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