Top Ten Kensington Protective Products Giveaway Answers from Week 3

Over four weeks, Heels Down Magazine is hosting a contest on our Instagram account (@heelsdownmag – make sure to go follow, if you don’t already do). Each week, a new question will be posted and participants will have an opportunity to enter to win a Kensington Protective Products fly sheet and fly mask (valued at $209.98) for their horse.

Here are our top 10 entries from week two, who will all be entered in to the final drawing to win big. Question 3 was: What is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen your horse do?

@madywardWhen: Rhythm was 3 years old, he started to develop an allergy to fly bites. I bought him a fly sheet and the first time he wore it in the pasture, he scared all the other horses. They were all spooking at him and running the other direction, while Rhythm was galloping after them whinnying 😂 Few times have I laughed harder in my life!

@jersey_beach3: My trainer was teaching a lesson and Jersey was in pasture near the arena, he emptied his water bucket and was throwing it up in the air, he threw it out of his pasture, stopped and smiled at my trainer😝.

@malemartinezvolpe: The pasture of my horse has many trees and whenever we finish our ride he starts scratching his butt with the trees. Once he scratched his butt with a little tree and broke it, he got really scared and I couldn’t stop laughing

@shealyn_elu: The funniest thing I’ve ever seen my horse do is pick up the other horses! He’s 17hh so when he picks up the Appaloosa pony and drags her around the field by the halter we can’t help but giggle!

@kav.equestrian: One time my friend was trying to break the ice out of my horses water trough and he tried to help, he but instead he pushed her in

@lizsnowe: The weirdest thing my horse has ever done was take a 2″ oxer as a cavaletti

@mitch.wombat: My horse grabbed my belt and tried to “pants” me!

@hugo.charli.14: My horse was in the arena alone no one on his back and he was trotting around and he farted and scared himself.

@lmarlin711: My guy likes to itch his face on everything and when he sees me, he rubs all over me! This spring, he greeted me and was doing this when I lost my balance and fell in the mud!!! He was sweet to make sure I was ok. I never told anyone till now! Lol 🙊

@autumn_sexton: He tripped really bad and then did a really exadurated strut to play it off cool 😂

Week 4 is now ready for entries, and this is your last shot to enter! We’ll be drawing and announcing our big winner next week, so stay tuned.

🚨CONTEST ALERT 🚨 Summer is here and the bugs are out in full swing. Here’s your chance to win a Kensington Protective Products Fly Sheet and Mask in citrus slate (a value of $209.98!). To enter, answer the question of the week and tag 3 friends in the caption of the post. This is your LAST CHANCE to enter! • • 
QUESTION 4: What is the funniest thing your horse has eaten? • • All participants must be following @kensington_products and @heelsdownmag on Instagram. All answers to question 1 must be commented by July 12 by 12 p.m. eastern time. • • The top 10 responses from each week, picked by Heels Down Magazine, will be entered in the pool to win the final prize. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator among the overall top 40 entries. Good luck! 👇 answer the question below and tag 3 friends to compete your entry.

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