Thursday Trends: Equiline’s New S1 Safety First Stirrup

Thursday Trends: Equiline's New S1 Safety First Stirrup

It’s show time and you’re dressed to the nines, but where’s your horse? What about their style? After all, the ultimate equestrian fashionista has the ultimate style with the best tack to match. Be the envy of the barn with these #tackgoals from Equiline featuring their figure-eight bridle and their new S1 Safety First Stirrup. The new Equiline S1 Safety First Stirrups feature a revolutionary safety system to help release the foot during a fall as well as helping enhance rider’s comfort throughout their ride. Through in a custom bonnet and a riding exercise from the latest issue of Heels Down Magazine and you’re ready to slay in and out of the show ring.

Equiline figure eight bridle
Equiline’s new S1 Safety First Stirrup
Lorenzini Lozenge 3 ring gag
Vania ear net
And the latest issue of Heels Down Magazine.

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