The September Issue Is Here: The Unstoppable Hawley Bennett-Awad

The September Issue Is Here: The Unstoppable Hawley Bennett-Awad

From once-in-a-lifetime wins on the podium and jaunts around the most prestigious cross-country courses in the world, to the sobering heartbreak of injuries, Hawley Bennett-Awad has experienced it all.

This month, in an all-new edition of Heels Down Magazine:

The 41-year-old Canadian eventer is a two-time Pan American Games and two-time Olympic Games contender. She’s rocketed around for Canada at two World Equestrian Games. She’s tasted sweet victory before and knows how crushing it feels to be sidelined with a broken bone or to have her top Advanced-level horse pulled out from under her. But long before she set her sights on becoming one of the best event riders for her home country, she learned that to get what she wanted, she was going to have to work harder than anybody else.

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Also in this issue:

Contact can be a confusing concept for many people. The feeling in the reins reflects the balance of the horse. As a rider, you should be encouraging your horse to seek contact, but what feeling should you be looking for? 

“No one thought anything about Canada.” It was a team of brass-knuckled riders with a varied group of horses, ranging from Olympic veterans to fresh-faced rookies experiencing their first championship. For all intents and purposes, the team was a building squad full of raw talent, meant to set a foundation for years to come and secure a qualifying berth for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. In actuality, the Canadian team would surprise everyone with an emphatic silver medal finish in the 2010 World Equestrian Games. Relive the fairytale finish. 

The September Issue Is Here: The Unstoppable Hawley Bennett-Awad

Equestrians are teased for their impractical sartorial choices, but there are, in fact, some very useful reasons behind some of these strange rules. Legend has it that the red team show jackets started as hunt coats, crafted by a London tailor named Thomas Pinque (hence the reason for calling them “pink”). Thomas had a very sensible reason for his color choice in the scarlet jacket.

Annie Peavy was first plopped into a saddle at four years old as part of her therapy. Born paralyzed on her left side from a stroke she suffered before birth, her time spent with horses also sparked a passion that would lead to a whirlwind para-dressage career.

All this and much more in the all-new September issue of Heels Down Magazine.

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