The Penny Project

What do you do with your spare change?

Almost everywhere you go, there are little places to put your spare change after checking out. Gas stations, grocery stores, the list could go on. Lots of people have spare change places in their car. After grabbing takeout, you toss the change into a cup holder. Or the floor, you never know. Grabbing some gum from the gas station? Toss the extra change in your purse where you probably won’t ever see it again. Sometimes it seems like your change won’t add up to anything remotely useful. Drop a few dimes? Whatever, leave ‘em on the ground. That kind of mentality is very normal when it comes to spare change. But have you ever thought about what you could do with it if you didn’t lose it, get rid of it, or donate it to those change places at stores?

Like everything else, change adds up. The longer you save it, the more you have. Some people save quarters by trying to accumulate quarters from all 50 states. At the end of their project, they’ve ended up with $12.50; all just by keeping quarters from different places. Some coins are from special years where the coins were created differently, and are worth more than one cent. It only takes a few seconds to toss your change into a jar or in to a coin purse, and you’ll have more than you did before you saved it.

A while ago, I read a story about a young man who asked every new person he met for a penny. Just one. He’d borrow from those change savers at gas stations. He’d scourge the beach for extra pennies. He even wrote to a local newspaper about requesting readers to donate pennies. Several years later, he’d put himself through college on the pennies he had saved. Through college.

A penny saved is a penny earned. I bet there are some pennies in the couch you’re sitting on while you read this. I’ll bet that the pocket in your jeans is currently hoarding some pennies. In your purse, in your car, in your tack trunk. Pennies don’t mean a lot to people; some even drop them on the ground. Find a penny, pick it up, and then all day you’ll have good luck! The saying fits, because every time you acquire another penny, you’re just one cent ahead of yourself. And hey, in a world where the cost of living is going up, why not? What do you have to lose? Except for the clinking of change in the bottom of your purse, I expect it isn’t a lot.

So, what do you do with your spare change? Do you collect it and save it? Do you get rid of it? Now, we could be literally talking about the nice little copper coins that bring good luck… or we could be talking about how it is important to give meaning to the little things in life. You can decide for yourself.

Collect the little things in life: moments, memories, smiles, people… they’ll only make you richer.

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