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Lorenzo de Luca: "Good Horses Cannot Win If They Are Not Happy"

Lorenzo de Luca: "Good Horses Cannot Win If They Are Not Happy"

Excerpt from the February issue of Heels Down Magazine:
The 30-year-old show jumper may be among the best in the world, but those who know him say his heart is in the horses.
It was a little over ten years ago when an 18-year-old Lorenzo de Luca informed his parents that he’d be leaving their home in the baroque city of Lecce, Italy, to pursue a career in show jumping. It was baffling to a family of non-riders that Lorenzo had found such a strong calling with horses, of all things, and that he was setting out with no plan, no horse, and no money.
“(My parents) thought that after a few months, I would go back home,” recalls Lorenzo, now 30, with a laugh. “They (said), ‘Ok, give it a try. Do your own thing and see how it goes.'”
It was around the same time – 2006, to be exact – that the Global Champions Tour was launched. The process of show jumping becoming an increasingly star-studded sport, with ultra-wealthy and famously named participants, had already begun. But all the while, an always-smiling, contagiously-positive Italian kid with no financial backing was quietly and diligently making his way.
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