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Lateral Exercises For Horses Of All Disciplines

Lateral Exercises For Horses Of All Disciplines

Justine Griffin

When we think of lateral exercises like the leg-yield or shoulder-in, naturally most people think of dressage. But you don’t have to be a dressage rider to reap the benefits of incorporating these movements in your everyday riding routine.

Lateral work helps make the horse more supple, and can improve precision, balance and straightness, no matter if you’re a jumper, eventer, or reiner. Heels Down Mag collected four lateral exercises from professional riders who love to use these tools to advance their horse’s training. Take a peek.

Ride For Suppleness

Deanna Corby is a dressage trainer, instructor, competition judge and USDF bronze medalist located in Waxhaw, N.C. In this video, she shares her favorite exercises to increase suppleness in the horse. They include a three-loop serpentine and the shallow loop.

Lateral Flexion

Horseman Warwick Schiller explains how to encourage the horse to flex laterally from the ground to encourage lightness.

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Shoulder-In For Straightness

British Olympic Dressage rider Emile Faurie expects all his horses to be able to execute the shoulder-in well. “A horse that can do a good shoulder-in, he can do anything.” It means the horse is technically very correct on the aids.

Moving The Horse’s Hind Quarters

Callie King from CRK Training says understanding how to control the horse’s haunches helps the horse move correctly with his hind quarters under him and lifting his back. She shares her tips on how to get started.

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