Inside October: The Dual Dreams of Rising Star Kanyon Walker

Inside October: The Dual Dreams of Rising Star Kanyon Walker

Kanyon Walker sees some of the most talented athletes he knows working dead-end jobs in his hometown of Leesburg, Fla. It’s one reason why he knows he has more to do, but he’s got options when it comes to his future. A budding football star and a one-star eventer with four-star aspirations, the sky’s the limit for Kanyon. Does he feel any pressure? Find out, exclusively inside the October issue of Heels Down Magazine. 

Speaking of athletes, how does high school wrestling champion Will Jarrell manage his power when he rides his event horse? From the locker room to the start box, these athletes are all about balance and horsemanship.

George Morris does it, don’t worry! But how exactly do you dressage in a jump saddle? Jessica Payne breaks it down for us.

It’s fire season in many parts of the country. We’ve got expert advice on how to have a plan in case of emergency.

Having trouble stabilizing your seat? Us, too. You’ll want to save these exercises to help you improve.

Want horse sports to grow? Better put your money where your mouth is – Sally Spickard tells us how in this month’s You’re Up.

The Kentucky Horse Park is like a second home to some of us. For Bridget Mason’s horse of a lifetime, it became his final resting place. Don’t miss this emotional and poignant tale of grief. All this, and so much more, only in the October issue of Heels Down Magazine. 

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