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Inside July: We're Celebrating Body Positivity with #RiderBodyLove

Inside July: We're Celebrating Body Positivity with #RiderBodyLove

Our July issue is hot off the press, and we decided there was no better champion for body empowerment than our cover story, Danielle Goldstein. Not only is she taking the show jumping ring by storm for her home country of Israel, she’s also unapologetically comfortable in her own skin.
From feathers woven into her hair to the athletic yoga pants she wears in the show ring, Danielle has redefined the word fierce. And with that in mind, we’re showing some #RiderBodyLove this month and every month – because we believe every rider should know what fierce feels like.

Equestrians come in all shapes and sizes. We asked riders what makes them feel sexy and confident. Inside the July issue, go one-on-one with our #RiderBodyLove models, learn how to squeeze in fitness during the show season, and grab some fashion inspo from riders just like you and me.
And we want you to continue the conversation, too! We’ll be featuring your stories of body positivity and empowerment on our platforms throughout the month, so be sure to tag @heelsdownmag using #RiderBodyLove.
Also this month…
Some riders prefer a hot, spicy ride in their horse – but how do you contain the heat? American show jumper Sydney Shulman gives us the scoop.
Guest columnist and Olympic eventer Hawley Bennett-Awad writes about the importance of the learning process – and why you should never, ever rush it.
Canadian four-star eventer Holly Jacks-Smither isn’t just a badass in the saddle – she’s also got quite a hook in the boxing ring. She’s audacious, she’s fierce, and she’s showing us all how to punch back.
Each month your bank account has a funeral for all of the money you’ve spent on board. Where on earth does all that money go, you ask? We break it down to ease the pain (a little).
Hunter Holloway stops by to give us a quick video tutorial on teaching your horse a proper half-halt.
…And so much more.
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