Horse World In the Office

The horse world and the corporate world aren’t that dissimilar, if you think about it.

Shoveling manure = cleaning out your inbox.

No chaps so you improvise with polo wraps = ingenuity when the printer breaks 10 minutes before a presentation so you throw together a slideshow.

Learning to deal with the snappy mare = learning to work with the saucy front desk lady.

Getting bucked off and getting back on = Messing up a project, but dusting it off and making it better.

Screwing up a course = accidentally sending a meme to your boss’s email.

Coaxing your horse around a “scary” object = clearly communicating to your coworkers that you are not all fired.

Knowing the herd pecking order = knowing the office pecking order (lead mare, stupid gelding, wily pony – they all exist in the office).

Your horse spooks in the trailer = being able to keep a calm head while working on a tight deadline.

Sewing your horse’s ripped blanket for the 15th time = patching up another lackluster report to make it stellar.

Spending all your money on horses = you are so prepared to live off a small income.

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