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Reddit Butts & Riding on a Budget – Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast 20

Reddit Butts & Riding on a Budget – Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast 20

We can only hope to be 60 one day and still riding, let alone winning like badass Margie Engle. This week, we share ways to be competitive when you don’t have deep pockets and Jess shares her fitness tips on how to come back strong after a long break. Thanks for tuning in.

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More on what we talked about in this episode:

This week, we’re drinking whiskey. Try this delicious Seven and Seven cocktail. | @TheSpruce

WEF is over, but Margie Engle went out with a bang: Winning the $500,000 Rolex CSI5* on her 60th birthday. | @Phelps_Sports

Reddit users confused what with what?! Hint: It involves horses and tight butts. | @DailyMail

Weird science: Cloned polo ponies are coming to Wellington.  | @PBPost

We tried out Sterling Essentials leather cleaner & conditioner. It smells SO GOOD.  | @Sterling-Essentials

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Episode 20 is presented by:

Ecogold, leader in saddle pad innovation. Known for their non-slip, shock-absorbing saddle pads, half pads and protective horse boots. Trusted by Olympians. Visit www.ecogold.ca

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