Eventing #AsmarWEGChallenge: Win Tickets to WEG

Eventing #AsmarWEGChallenge: Win Tickets to WEG

Asmar Equestrian is jumping off the third leg of their WEG Challenge, and this month is Eventing (perfect timing, if you are at Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event).

Eventers are the “multi-taskers” of equestrian sport. For this challenge, take a photo or video of yourself performing three barn tasks at the same time.

You could win a grand prize which includes two tickets to the FEI World Equestrian Games, three nights accommodation, a four-day car rental, and a $2,000 Asmar clothing package. Additionally, each individual challenge winner will receive $500 in Asmar clothing.

Multi-tasking examples include:

– Carrying a bucket of grain and a saddle while also dragging a rake behind you.

– Sweeping while talking on the phone (to your trainer) and cleaning tack.

-Fold a blanket with one foot while wrapping a lead rope and feeding a horse a carrot.

… The possibilities are endless, and most likely hilarious. For best results, get your barn friends to all film each other. Try not to fall on the ground laughing.

How do I enter?

1. Take a video or photo of yourself performing the challenge.

This month’s challenge: Eventing. Take a photo or video of yourself performing three barn tasks at the same time.

2. Share your photo or video on Instagram or Facebook. Make sure the post is set to public.

3. Use the hashtag #AsmarWEGChallenge in the caption to enter.

Deadline: Thursday May 17

Good luck!

Eventing #AsmarWEGChallenge: Win Tickets to WEG

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