Morven Park Show Series 2020
The End Of Hurry Up And Wait


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Heels Down Happy Hour 70: Burnout Is Real, Even With Horses

Diversity is top of mind right now, including in horse sports. This week, we’re talking about what to do when you feel burnt out, how eventer Kanyon Walker balances horses with his…

Cavaletti Exercises To Keep Rhythm Top Of Mind

Maintaining a nice, regular rhythm in the horse requires some serious core strength and fitness. One way to improve core strength to aid keeping a smooth rhythm is to use cavaletti exercises…

Poultice, Ice, Liniment Or Fabrics: When To Use What

There are so many recovery remedies out there aimed at keeping soreness away and helping horses bounce back after a tough performance. But with so many options, how is a rider supposed…

The Pros & Cons of Riding Before Work

It’s no fun waking up at the crack of dawn. To all the morning people out there – I salute you. Being a horse person means I’m fairly familiar with getting up…

Review: I Tried SmartPak’s Nutrition Consult. Here’s What I Learned

When I think of SmartPak, the first thing I think about is their innovative packaging for daily horse supplements. The company has certainly become synonymous with horse supplements in general.   After many…

The Magic Of A Good Ride

It’s difficult to define some feelings. Alternatively, it’s easy to mislabel what you’re feeling because it’s difficult to find a word to describe it. Or, you don’t know the word. There are…


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