Congratulations to the Kensington Protective Products Giveaway Winner

We collected some awesome answers from our Kensington Instagram giveaway over the last month. Each week, we selected the top 10 answers to our question and from that pool we generated a random winner to take home a Kensington Protective Products Fly Sheet and Fly Mask as the grand prize.

Please join us in congratulating @madyward for being our randomly drawn winner for this giveaway! Mady and her horses will love the Kensington Protective Products fly line, and we can’t wait to see what she thinks. Stay tuned for more giveaways from Kensington later, and here are the top 10 answers from the final question: What is the funniest thing your horse has eaten?.

@amannda_julia: My horse and I share mostly pizza pops. Pepperoni and bacon! Sometimes. sandwiches. Mayo, mustard, meat… whatever. Food is food… apparently.

@ottblvrB: Blueberry and strawberry frosted pop tarts. Won’t touch them unless they’re frosted

@sassyhoofbeats: My pony had a price of a blueberry muffin I was eating at a horse show and has been obsessed with them ever since, I don’t ride him any more but that was by far the funniest by far!

@shay_schartner: My mare will do anything for chicken feed! Got loose and found the feeder and had herself a feast! She also loves oranges, peel and all!

@sidcatdog: I went out to the barn, and my pony seemed interested in my phone. I set it down in the next thing I know he’s chewing on the case.

@horseperson3: My horse ate my hamburger at a rodeo when I wasn’t looking!

@horsecrazy152001: pizza and hot dogs.

@shealyn_elu: My pony used to loveeee slushies (and the cantles other riders saddles)

@lexi.and.waves.of.zanzibar: A churro from Costco that he stole from me!

@5_horsesj: My turkey sandwich from subway

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