In the Magazine: How to Trailer Your Horse & Not Lose Your Boyfriend at the Same Time

Excerpt from the July issue of Heels Down Magazine.

There are few things more frustrating than trying to get your unwilling horse to load.

How about training your boyfriend to be useful in the process of loading the stubborn horse at the same time?

There were so many things to love about my beautiful black Hanoverian mare, Belinda. But her ability to get up and go on the trailer wasn’t one of them. Her obstinate attitude toward the trailer (any trailer, mind you, not just mine) was just another reason for my boyfriend to be afraid of her.

Over the years of our relationship, Alex came to have an understanding with Belinda. He was there to give pats, a few treats, and watch from the sidelines. He wouldn’t ride her, and he wouldn’t put himself in a situation where he’d be alone with her.

Belinda was a stoic and brave mare. And she was big. She was rarely phased by anything. Not the youngsters who occasionally tried to dethrone her as queen in the pasture, nor the wide and deep ditch on a cross country course.

But when it came to the trailer, she just said no.

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