In the Magazine: Nail Your Dressage Test with Crisp Transitions

Excerpt from the July issue of Heels Down Magazine.

Transitions are paramount to training any horse, especially dressage horses. Teaching balance, increasing suppleness, and keeping the horse on the aids are just a few reasons this work is crucial. Remember, even the basics of upper-level dressage begin with correct transitions between and within the three gaits.

Walk-Trot Transitions

Many riders and horses struggle with quality transitions between the walk and trot. This can be improved with patience by riding the transitions within a leg yield or a shoulder fore on a 20-meter circle.

When you ride the downward transition, focus on the activity in the walk. Think walk, two, three, four, and trot on. There must be a readiness in the walk, that when you say trot the horse goes from a light aid. If the horse does not respond, ask stronger with the leg and allow him to travel forward. Praise the forward reaction and repeat the transition again. This time you should be able to be lighter with the aid, and you can focus on improving throughness.

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