Don’t Be a Show Mess!

We all know the stresses when you first arrive at  the show grounds for an overnight competition to get the stall setup, horse off trailer, and tack area organized. Nothing is worse than being stressed out at a show because you can’t find something you swore you packed.

The way to prevent the stress and prevent becoming a hot mess is to pack thoughtfully. I have a specific tack box that I keep all my show exclusive tack (show pads, boots, number pinney, etc) so that I know without a doubt that what I need is there. I’m also very particular about how the box is packed, in order of when I’ll need it, that way my bridle hooks and double ended snaps are right on top for setting up the stall and tack room, then schooling supplies; dressage pad; cross country pad, boots, studs; show jumping pad and boots and bonnet. That way as I use things they can be cleared out into laundry bags and what I need is always on top.

I use this rule for all tack boxes, trailers, grooming kits. Always put what you’ll use first or the most on top. It seems like such a simple rule but it’s also so easy to just throw stuff in where it fits and not put further though into it.

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