Top Ten Kensington Protective Products Giveaway Answers From Week 1

Over four weeks, Heels Down Magazine is hosting a contest on our Instagram account (@heelsdownmag – make sure to go follow, if you don’t already do). Each week, a new question will be posted and participants will have an opportunity to enter to win a Kensington Protective Products fly sheet and fly mask (valued at $209.98) for their horse.

Here are our top 10 entries from week one, who will all be entered in to the final drawing to win big. Question #1 was: What’s the dumbest thing your horse has ever spooked at?

1. @laur_morris_ – The dumbest thing my horse spooked at was his own bale of hay 😂

2. @_north_bound – The dumbest thing my horse spooked at was a bubble while I was giving her a bath she looked down at started snorting at it and wouldn’t leave the wash stall untill I popped it!

3. @erobmessenger – My horse is terrified of turtles! 🐢

4. @equine_living_ – My horse spooked at his feed bucket that he was eating right next to it for 30 minutes 🤦🏼‍♀️

5. @airy_fastshadow – My mare regularly spooks at her own shadow. Worst part? Her jockey club name is Fast Shadow 🙄🦄

6. @avai_24 – The dumbest thing my horse has spooked at is when I sneezed while putting fresh bedding in his stall 😂🐴❤️

7. @abbywoodaz6 – Dumbest thing my horse has spooked at is her own reflection in a window 😂

8. @5_horsesj – My arabian spooked at a hay sitting in the corner of the arena. I let him walk up to it and when he grabbed a bite, the rustling spooked him even more.

9. @hopeclark07 – Two horses at my barn (Samson and bull) spoked once my calm music changed to a loud song while cleaning their paddock.

10. @winston_luv – Winston likes to spook at his reflection in the dressage arena mirror… Then stops to look at how handsome he is!

Week 2 is ready for entries!

To enter:
Follow @kensington_products and @heelsdownmag.
Answer the question and tag 3 friends.
Check back next week for another chance to enter!

🚨CONTEST ALERT 🚨 Summer is right around the corner but the bugs are out in full swing. Here’s your chance to win a Kensington Protective Products Fly Sheet and Mask in citrus slate (a value of $209.98!). To enter, answer the question of the week and tag 3 friends in the caption of the post. 
QUESTION 2. Which celebrity would you let ride your horse?
All participants must be following @kensington_products and @heelsdownmag on Instagram. All answers to question 1 must be commented by June 23 by 12 p.m. eastern time. 
The top 10 responses from each week, picked by Heels Down Magazine, will be entered in the pool to win the final prize. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator among the overall top 40 entries. Good luck! 👇 answer the question below and tag 3 friends to compete your entry.

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