Get Your Horse’s Records and Papers Back on Track

Just like our own health records, keeping up with the various charts and records for your horse can leave a long and confusing paper trail. Getting organized is the key here.

Grab a three-ring binder for each horse, or separate a barn full of horses with tab dividers. Buy a box of sheet protectors from an office supply store (even pharmacies have them usually) and put one document in each sheet protector – this allows you to flip through quickly without worrying about ripping the paper, dirty/wet hands, etc.

This is so easy to take to clinics and horse shows, and it can live on your horse trailer. Let a groom or parent or friend know where it is, in case of emergency. Here are some things to include in your horse’s binder:


Vaccination Records

FEI Passport

Various ID numbers (like USEF ID, microchip number, etc)

Competition Record

Insurance Info

A sheet of emergency contacts (veterinarians, family members who could tend to a sick horse if you couldn’t, etc).

Health certificate for travelling

Parasite Control (worming schedule)


Injuries/Veterinary Visits – this can be helpful in tracking the progression of an injury or picking up on lameness trends, etc. It can also help your veterinarian know when a certain problem began, for instance. Keep up with your horse’s routine care like dentals in this document.

Farrier Record and Contact Info – in case your horse pulls a shoe and your barn manager is kind enough to call your farrier if you can’t be reached.

Copies of Diagnostic Images

Feel free to nerd out and take your organizing obsession to the next level with this one. You’ll be glad you know where everything is when the ground jury asks you for your horse’s coggins!


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