Heels Down Rollback: Rio’s Olympic Legacy, Moments from Devon and How to be Miserable

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So, let’s get the difficult stuff out of the way; you are not a professional rider. There, I said it. I know, you probably don’t believe me, and if you do, you are angrily brainstorming how this could have possibly happened. If it’s any consolation, you gave it a great try. You spent almost three years as a working student before you could no longer survive off of Ramen noodles, beans, and cheese. You maxed out all your credit cards and worked 12 to 16 hour days riding and grooming whatever you could for extra money. You tried. But eventually you made the decision to return home and get your undergraduate degree. Now that you are aware of how much of a failure your older self is, we can continue on. Read more.


Horses || From our Inside The Horse’s Mind series: Did you know horses can communicate with symbols? | @HeelsDownMag

Barn Life || Have you ever had to babysit someone else’s horse? It’s seriously nerve-wracking.  | @HorseJunkiesUnited

Equestrian || Get your horse trailer organized and back on track for summer show season. | @HeelsDownMag

Current Events || Catch up on all the fun from the Devon Horse Show with HDM’s cool stories. | @HeelsDownMag

Business || The British Pony Club is rebranding after 87 years to make it more fun and accessible.  | @Telegraph

Fashion || Horse back riding is the “model workout of the moment,” according to one fashion mag.  | @Vogue

Politics || America’s wild horses could be sold to slaughter under a new federal budget proposal. | @PBS 

Consumer || Water is getting much, much more expensive in these 30 cities. Why? | @Vox

Economy ||  From unpaid workers to barren arenas, Rio’s Olympic legacy has quickly become one of regret. | @The National

Science || Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find. | @Telegraph

Animals || A touching look at why close encounters with animals soothe us. | @NYT


Is My Relationship With My Trainer Normal?

“You spend so much time, energy, and money at the barn on either your horse, or your own training. It’s likely you feel your business relationship with your trainer morphing into a personal relationship, but that’s OK as long as it works for you. Like a coach or mentor, your relationship can improve your riding and your relationship with your horse as long as it works for you. Wondering about this intersection is completely normal.” Read it.



Video Of The Week: 15-Minute No Equipment HIIT Workout 

“This week we have a 15-minute fat burning HIIT workout by The Body Coach with no equipment needed. That’s right, only 15 minutes out of your day for a full body burn, no gym needed. For those of you that aren’t familiar with HIIT training, HIIT uses an interval system of “work really hard, then recover.” Read it.

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How To Be Miserable Wanting What I Can’t Have

“First, you start by paying attention to everyone else. What they’re doing, what they’re saying, what they’re wearing. Who they are, who their friends are. Paying attention to everyone else is the best way to begin your journey of wanting what you can’t have. Because you’re not like them, you’re you. Because you’re not someone else, you’re you. But paying attention to everyone else reminds you that you’re different, and that you should be something or someone else.” Read more here.

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