10 Reasons To Download The June Issue of Heels Down Magazine

1. Learn how to warm up for stadium in seven jumps with tips from Leslie Law.
Olympic gold medalist and USEF Eventing Developing Rider coach Leslie Law stresses the importance of a short but effective warm-up for show jumping when it falls on the final day of a three-day event.

2. Total awesomeness all available at your fingertips and everywhere you go.
Heels Down Magazine is available on your phone or tablet. Download it and you’re ready to go, with all the awesomeness available whenever you need it.

3. A fitness plan to last you for your entire competition season.
Stay in top shape from pre- to post-season by thinking about the big picture when it comes to your training routine.

4. Learn why horse shopping breaks the bank and what you’re paying top dollar for.
The range of horse prices can be mind-boggling, from no money down to a massive investment of millions of dollars on a top-level horse. Heels Down Magazine takes a critical look at horse prices and what money can buy you.

5. Awesome riding exercises you can practice today.
With cross-training for dressage horses and a grid from four-star eventer and Olympian Kyle Carter, we’ve got you covered with helpful riding exercises you can try with your horses at home.

6. Learn how to tell if a trainer is legit.
One of the great – and awful – things about the horseback riding world is that anyone can be a trainer. Unfortunately, not all trainers are created equal.

7. Broaden your horizons with international equestrian Julia Tops.
They say the best way to gain perspective is to travel the world. To experience living proof of this adage, have a conversation with Julia Tops.

8. Hear from Bruce Davidson on why Americans aren’t winning 4*s.
It has been nearly a decade since an American rider won a CCI4*. Bruce shed light on the holes in American eventing athlete development.

9. Get personal with Filipino rider Ellesse Jordan Tzinberg during her journey to be among the first to represent her home country in dressage.
When a rider aims to represent their country, it’s often a matter of beating out a multitude of other talented, well-financed riders for a few precious spots on a traveling team. Ellesse’s struggles are very different.

10. Your first issue with your subscription is free!
Go forth and be awesome with Heels Down Magazine!

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