In the Magazine: What Makes You a Legit Trainer?

Excerpt from the June issue of Heels Down Magazine.

One of the great – and awful – things about the horseback riding world is that anyone can be a trainer.

While there are programs to become a certified trainer or riding instructor, certification isn’t required and anyone can decide to start training horses and riders.

This can be a good thing because it means talented equestrians can become trainers without having to pay tons of money or jumping through hoops to be considered a legitimate trainer. But it also means that equestrians who shouldn’t be teaching junior or amateur riders can become trainers as well.

In the hunter/jumper and equitation world, the best way to legitimize yourself as a trainer is through the USHJA Trainer Certification Program. This program allows professionals to take classes and attend sessions that eventually culminate in the award of a certificate, making the person a “Certified Trainer.”

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