In the Magazine: A 30,000 Foot View with Julia Tops

Excerpt from the June issue of Heels Down Magazine.

They say the best way to gain perspective is to travel the world. To experience living proof of this adage, have a conversation with Julia Tops.

Wise beyond her 19 years, this Canadian grand prix show jumper yearns to become well-rounded in the horse world and the real world. She’s traveled the globe for lessons and competitions, all the while studying Mandarin and international relations at the University of Toronto.

Julia’s got show jumping royalty in her blood, being the daughter of Canadian Show Jumping Team veteran Tani Zeidler and Dutch Olympic gold medalist and founder and president of the Longines Global Champions Tour, Jan Tops. While such a submersion in the sport could give any rider tunnel vision, Julia has a unique view on how to stay versatile, how to not get stuck in the equitation ring, and how she can leverage her sport to play a larger role for the good of humanity.

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