Heels Down Rollback: Facebook Sale Ad Fallout, Fellers Retires Flexible and More

The Greatest.

Facebook seems to finally be enforcing a long-standing but often overlooked Marketplace Commerce Policy rule that animals are not allowed to be advertised for sale on the social network and equestrians everywhere are in panic mode. Read more here.


Equestrian || Ever considered an Equiline saddle? Here’s a review. | @HorseJunkiesUnited

Horses || Finally! Amateur-owner jumpers can expect consistent course heights. | @HeelsDownMag

Horse News  ||  Rich Fellers (USA) has announced that Flexible will retire after the Del Mar National Horse Show. @EquNews

Barn Life || From our Green Horse Tales series: Meet the little “Black Mare”. | @HorseJunkies United

Animals || Did you miss that viral video of the scary big chicken? | @CNN

Current Events || Have you heard of this new thing called Hobbyhorse? It’s a sport, apparently, and all the rage. | @WSJ

Sports || The U.S. Women Hockey team are a bunch of badasses, and not just because they play hockey. | @WBUR

Money || Here are some money-saving tips that could help you pay the rent next month. | @Penny Hoarder

Science || Spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in one year. Mind blown. | @WaPo

Food || Eating ice cream for breakfast may make you smarter. Thanks, science! | @IBTimes

Culture || Did you love Serial the podcast? Some say S-Town is better. Find out why. | @NYT


Riding Takes No Excuses

“Two eyes, two ears, one mouth,” He’d tell me, “Do you know what I mean by that?” I’d heard this before. It was my father’s gentle way of saying “hush” without actually saying the word. So naturally, I’d sigh and nod. But he’d explain anyway, telling me to “Be quiet, open your eyes and ears. Your pony will not run away with you. She can jump this high.” Read it.


Getting Riding Fit Without A Gym

“Riding is a physical sport and to perform to the highest standard, it is imperative to work out in addition to regular rides. However, due to monetary or time constraints, many decide to end their gym membership or never sign up at all. Luckily, a gym is not needed in order to obtain a high level of fitness! Here are some exercise tips easily utilized by any equestrian.” Read it.

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