Spring Cleaning to Get Your Riding Wardrobe Back on Track

April is the perfect time to reorganize and sort through your riding wardrobe. You’ll be switching out the cold-weather clothes for lighter fabrics as the weather warms up, you’ll be breaking out show clothes as the outdoors season approaches, and there are lots of equestrian consignment spring sales that are perfect for getting rid of whatever you don’t wear anymore.

Before you hang up your heavy jackets and coats for the winter, there are a few to-do’s so that you won’t want to kick yourself when you break out these cold-weather clothes next fall. Although, there’s nothing quite like finding a slimy, rotten carrot in your jacket pocket eight months later.

  • Pick out all the pockets, wash and thoroughly dry everything. Before you store, make sure your clothes are bone dry. Otherwise, you’ll be met with the delicious smell of mildew come September.
  • Send items to repair. If your winter wellies need to be patched or your knee patch on your breeches needs a few stiches, now’s the time. You can also ask for your items to be waterproofed.
  • Store smart. I like to put these items in air-tight plastic bins that I then slide under the bed. I actually put a dryer sheet or two in there to keep things smelling fresh. You can also toss in a few of those dessicant packets to draw any moisture out.

Next, organize your show clothes and spring riding clothes.

  • You may still need a few thicker layers for cool mornings and evenings, so keep a few light jackets and vests in your closet.
  • Make sure your technical fabrics don’t stink. If you packed them away wet, you’ll likely need to rewash them a few times to get that weird athletic clothing smell out.
  • Organize your show clothing bag. Now’s the time to order extra hairnets, spur straps, safety pins, gloves, and all those other items that seem to disappear during the show season. Get your show coats, shirts, and breeches dry cleaned if you neglected to do it last season, and make sure you have everything you need for the next few months of competition.

This will not only make your life less messy and stressful, but you’ll preserve the life of your riding clothes and prevent any butt-baring accidents because you neglected to have a seam repaired!


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